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Top 10 Award Show Mishaps of All Time

So I’m sure you’ve all seen the footage from Madonna’s little cape incident at the Brit Awards last night. This inspired a post about the top mishaps at award shows (and it was tough to determine what the top 10 were, because there are so many!)

10. When Beyonce’s track started skipping during her 2013 EMA’s performance. (skip to 2:50 to hear it)

9. When Kristen Stewart DROPPED her award. Like, don’t worry about it. It’s not like there are thousands of people watching you right now.

8. When Kanye interrupted Taylor during her acceptance speech. (Note: this has happened a couple of times since then, as well. Rude.)

7. When Adele got interrupted during her Brit Award speech, and flipped the person off!

6. When John Travolta pronounced Idina Menzel’s name “Adele Dazeem”. Ok, I get that he is dyslexic, but COME ON, how did he not pre-read the names?

Don’t worry though, she got him back in 2015:

5. When Harry Styles missed his acceptance speech cause he was having a wee. Wow, bad timing.

4. When Serena Williams’ flag fell away during the Olympic Medal Ceremony, right at the moment when the USA anthem goes “and the flag was still there…” (except it wasn’t there.)

3. When Judy Finnigan’s dress fell during her award acceptance speech, but she didn’t even notice!

2. Most awkward moment on this list is DEFINITELY this one: In the final of Australia’s Next Top Model, host Sarah Murdock announces the wrong winner, and halfway through the girl’s acceptance speech, Sarah has to cut her off and correct herself to announce the actual winner.

1. Last night’s Madonna incident (as told by Edna).


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