Student Relish



Things to do before you arrive

  • Pre-shop … There is so much going on and so much to look forward to but remember to take advantage of your parents up until the last-minute.  Get a small shop of essentials done; such as pens, loo rolls or shower gels. And don’t forget some food bits to sort you out for the first week or so; bread can only go so far!!


  • Be prepared … Have a flick through the welcome material the university has sent; emails for enrolment and inductions, welcome events and of course Freshers. Your first week will be crammed full of information so, where you can, organise your first few days to get ahead of the game.


  • Get there early … If you can, get to university earlier in the day. We know your parents (mainly your mum) won’t want to leave you but being there early will allow you meet people as they arrive and you can get chatting to new housemates from the off – it will help you settle in quicker.


  • Get social … Don’t sit in your room straight away, FIFA can wait for a few hours longer. Take the Freshers programme into the social area and encourage others to go through it with you and perhaps plan what you want to do as a group. You don’t want to be the one missing out because that game with your mates from home couldn’t wait.


  • Get out and about … If you are in halls, familiarise yourself with the area; where is reception or the information point? Where is the laundrette? Where is your SU bar? These are all going to be regular locations you will visit throughout your year so find them now to save the questions later.


Freshers Week

  • Budget yourself … It is an easy trap to fall into but don’t be a baller on the first day as you’ll be a bailer later on. Pick the events you want to go to and take advantage of discounts or event offers; many universities offer a bulk buy package or wristband for the week. As we mentioned before, make sure you plan some nights with your new housemates as you are living with them for a whole academic year. But remember, a great social life doesn’t necessarily mean getting drunk every night – why not a dinner with the house or finding somewhere that does a quiz to give your body a rest and where you can get to know each other more. Brighton University Students’ Union offer a Freshtival wristband that can save you £££s over their two week programme. Check out this link for more info


  • Freshers Fair … This is the perfect chance for you to see what your campus and beyond have to offer. There will be chances to join sports teams and societies, sign up to volunteer roles or get employment opportunities. Local venues will be promoting their offers and events and you’ll be able to find out what is one for the rest of your Freshers’ Week. And grab freebies…as many as you can get in your bag, you don’t realise how valuable the pen or bottle opener you picked up will be in the near future!



  • Get off to a good start … First impressions go a long way, and this is particularly true with lecturers. Get to ALL of your lectures during Freshers Week and introduce yourself to module leaders or lecturers. This way they’ll have a positive first impression so that if you are in need of help with some work during assessment week they know you as a good egg rather than not recognise you because you only made four of their lectures in two months.


And beyond

  • New TV Licencing Law … We all love a duvet day, especially after a hard days studying (a.k.a the day after the night before) however this month sees a change in the law for TV Licencing. Gone are the days of simply needing a licence for the 32” that we have in the corner of the living room, you now need one to cover downloading or watching BBC programmes on demand, including on BBC I-Player, even when using your laptops or mobile devices. Thank goodness X-Factor is on ITV!! For more info visit


  • Stay safe!! … The biggest and most important part of your university life – keeping safe. Get into the habit of keeping your room locked as there may be times that your housemates bring home people they have met on a night out that you do not yet know. Never leave yourself in vulnerable positions on nights out; do not go out or go home alone, find out the best taxi company or if there is a student night bus. Unfortunately new students will be unfamiliar with the area and that makes them easy victims of crime.


  • Next year … we know you are only just getting ready for this year but over the first month or so, start considering if you could live with any of your current housemates next year. Christmas time is always a good time to start looking but the best properties get snapped up early and by those who have already been in your shoes (second and third years). Check our Properties section for our available houses


  • Have fun!!! … Whether it is a 2, 3 or 4 year course (sometimes it is a 3 year course that becomes 4 years – we have all seen Van Wilder Party Liason and if you haven’t you should!!), make sure you have fun. University life begins the shaping of your independence so make sure you savour it. These are going to be the best years of your life!



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