Student Relish

The Results Roller Coaster

We know that results week can be stressful. And we know that the next couple weeks will be filled with highs and lows for students. But there are 6 things that you must remember as you get your grades back.


1) Your marks are not a reflection of who you are as a person, nor as a student. They are JUST a reflection of that ONE assignment/exam.

2) Good marks should be remembered. If you do well, remember it. And use the feeling of pride to motivate yourself to do well again this term.

3) Read all the comments and feedback, and make an appointment to meet the lecturer to ask any questions you may have. Assignments are an opportunity to learn, even when it’s been submitted and graded. Figure out what you did well, what you didn’t, and learn from it.

4) If your assignment hasn’t been double marked, or if you feel your assignment should be remarked, you can request that it be reviewed. Talk to the module leader to discuss whether a remarking is an option.

5)¬†Always be sensitive when talking to classmates about marks. You never know how things went for them, so it’s best to just be cautious when you approach this topic.

6) All news, good and bad, is best handled when you’re well rested.¬†Get some sleep and everything will be easier to cope with.

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