7 Q’s to ask potential flatmates

Choosing who you will live with is a hard choice. It’s like getting into a relationships, except you sleep in different rooms. Sometimes, it’s more of an arranged marriage in which you have no choice in the matter (like halls, for example, or living with international student who […]

Welcome back, 6 Nations Rugby

Today, two big things happened. First, first term officially ended with the last of exams taking place. Time to enjoy the weekend and take some time to relax before the second term starts on Monday morning! Second, the 2015 6 Nations Rugby season started today, with England and […]

I’ve got a blank space baby

Assessments and exams are coming to an end. Term 1 is in the books, and we’ve all got a few days to relax before diving into the second term. So what should we do with this blank space in our diary? Sleep. But once you’re done with sleeping, […]

Referencing tools to save your life

Ok maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration. These tools won’t save your life, but they’ll save you time, effort, and the stress of making a bibliography the old-fashioned way. Citing and sourcing is the hands down the worst part of any school assignment. But it […]

5 tips to survive university

Staying on task can be tough. The assignments add up, the days get shorter and the to-do lists are many pages long. Follow these 5 steps to stay on track and still have time for sleeping, Netflix and friends. 1) Have a bedtime This may seem like something for kids, […]

Keeping up your New Year’s resolutions

The New Year means three things: packed gyms, more healthy food in the fridge, and some new ideas about being a “new you”, whether that means maintaining a better budget, drinking less, finding a job, improving your grades in school, or some other self-improvement goal. The issue with […]

Pro-Tips for a GREAT New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve can be plenty of great things: romantic, exciting, drunken, memorable… but it can also be really expensive. And on a student budget, that’s something to prepare for. New Years Eve can also come with some heavy expectations. Some people like to think that NYE will […]

A complete guide to Christmas and New Years in Eastbourne

Some of us aren’t leaving town for the holidays this year. For some it’s work that’s keeps us in town, or the high cost of travelling home, or maybe Eastbourne is your home. Regardless, Eastbourne Student is dedicated to making sure you know what’s going on in town over the break. Here’s […]

The 3 Stages of Family Christmas

The Christmas break has three distinct stages. Stage 1: The Excitement Phase Stage 2: The GET-ME-OUT-OF-MY-PARENTS-HOUSE Phase Stage 3: The Going-Back-To-Uni-Somewhat-Happily Phase   Stage 1 is easy to get through. It begins sometime in late-November or early-December (or randomly in October, for some people), and lasts right up […]

FROST WEEK OFFER!! First week back!! January 5-9. A very special offer from Coffee Republic for you on frost week. Frost Week Specials. BOGOF on regular hot drink 50% off Hot Bacon Baguettes purchased with any Regular hot drink Free Wifi. Internet terminals and Printer available. Open 7am-6pm […]