Student Relish

I’ve got a blank space baby

Assessments and exams are coming to an end. Term 1 is in the books, and we’ve all got a few days to relax before diving into the second term. So what should we do with this blank space in our diary? Sleep.

But once you’re done with sleeping, and drinking, and whatever else you might have planned, here are some ways to fill your time for the next couple weeks.

Find new playlists

Playlist-finding and playlist-making is a fine art these days. It takes a lot of effort to create the perfect playlist for your study session or your workout sessions. Luckily, there are a few sites that might help inspire you:

Spotify, 8tracksYoutubeHypem


Go on a coffee date

I’m a major coffee advocate. Not in the sense that I advocate for all the human rights infringements involved in coffee production (and as an International Development graduate, let me be the first to tell you, coffee production is the food equivalent to Black Diamond… if you know what I mean.)

But coffee culture, that’s gold. Don’t rush it, don’t just “grab” a coffee with someone, “have” a coffee with someone. Schedule it, take time out of your day, and invest time in a good conversation over a delicious cup of your favourite hot beverage. Or make a coffee date your next brainstorming session for your school project or work meeting. It works for just about everything.

Some recommendations for coffee dates in Eastbourne:

Something near (on) campus: The Starting Gate 

Something familiar: Coffee Republic

Something new: Nelson Coffee Co.


Movies (in bed, or not, whatever..)

Netflix has The Interview available now. And like…10,000 other titles, or some obnoxiously high number like that. There’s got to be SOMETHING you haven’t seen. And if you can’t find anything there, check out Amazon Prime. They’ve got a great selection of (newer) titles and a bunch of TV series as well. (Note: both of these options require memberships, but its not too expensive and Amazon Prime has student rates!)


Get fit

With the school year halfway done, it means we’re halfway to summer. It’s time to get started on those beach bodies.

You’d be amazed at how much progress you can make in two weeks if you put your mind to it. I’ve lost half a stone since Christmas by running everyday. And you can do it too. (Not to sound like some cheeky fitness advert.)

Figure out what exercise you LIKE doing, and do that, everyday, for two weeks. Get your heart going, push yourself a little, and you’ll feel better, and be well on your way to that fit physique you want for the summer. Start with these two weeks so that you make a habit of it, then find a way to fit it into your schedule once the new term starts.


Whether you decide to curl up in bed with your laptop or spend two weeks in the gym, use your free time wisely. Rest and relaxation is key, but so is motivation and fitness. If you figure out how to balance the two, you have won at life.


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