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7 Last minute gift ideas

It’s four sleeps before Christmas and that means that everybody can be categorized into one of two categories: either you’ve got all their gifts wrapped and ready, or you’re about to freak out because you haven’t got your perfect gifts sorted out yet. If you belong to the second group of people, we’re here to help.


Here are some quick and easy gift ideas for anybody on your shopping list, that can be picked up at the last-minute without any stress of late delivery, or anybody knowing.

1. Netflix, Hulu or Spotify subscription: For that person in your life who is always mooching off your TV and music streaming services, just get them their own account!


2. Concert tickets: It’s always fun to treat someone to a concert you know they’d want to attend — or force them to accompany you to a show that YOU really want to attend. (Ticketmaster: Gift cards available starting at $25; “gift tickets” option available)


3. Yoga classes/Fitness classes/Gym membership: For that friend who never stops talking about being fit, or wanting to go to the gym, but who just hasn’t found the motivation to actually begin, why not give a head start? Most yoga studios and gyms offer promotions online at Christmas time, and you can usually find sets of 6 or 10 classes, or a one-month membership fee, for a relatively good price.



4. Do It Yourself Gifts: These gifts take a little extra effort to pull off, but they can be the most personal, heart-warming gifts to receive. Especially for parents, grandparents, or the person on your list who is particularly artsy. If you need ideas, check out Pinterest.



5. Alcohol: self-explanatory.



6. Embarrassing Gifts: Condoms, a Grow Your Own Girlfriend, a photo album of awkward baby pictures, anything from Ann Sommers… you get the idea.

7. Really-Really-Last-Minute Christmas Hamper: You can usually find all the makings of a lovely Christmas hamper at your local Tesco’s, Asda or Sainsbury’s. And, these shops are open right up till Christmas Eve, so it’s perfect for those super-last-minute shoppers. You can put it in a basket, or any container you can find (though, do try to be a little more creative than a cardboard box.) Some ideas for the Christmas Hamper:

  • Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, depending on the recipient’s preferences, or all three.
  • Chocolate. Obviously.
  • Biscuits, cookies, etc…
  • Jam, marmelade, etc…
  • Hand cream, nice bath salts or shower gels
  • A nice bottle of wine, some liquor, whatever the person drinks.

xmashampers (1)

If these fool-proof, guaranteed-t0-please ideas don’t help you, I don’t know what will.

Best of luck and Merry Christmas!


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