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5 tips to survive university

Staying on task can be tough. The assignments add up, the days get shorter and the to-do lists are many pages long. Follow these 5 steps to stay on track and still have time for sleeping, Netflix and friends.

1) Have a bedtime

This may seem like something for kids, but setting a bedtime and sticking to it can be one of the best things you do for your grades, your body, and your mental health. Being well rested means that you can not only accomplish more during the day (yay for productivity), but you allow your mind time to relax, and your body time to recover from the stresses of university life. This doesnt have to mean that you go to sleep at 8pm, but getting a solid 6-8 hours a night is worth the lost time on Facebook.


2) Download Self Control

How it works? It blocks any distracting sites for a given amount of time so that you can focus on work! And it’s simple to use. Step 1) Dowload the app. Step 2) Set the “blacklist”. Add anything that may distract you from workng (social media sites, blogs, email, etc.). Step 3) Set the amount of time you want the application to work. Step 4) Click “Activate” and discover your new productivity!



3) Don’t Over-Commit

This applies to work, extra-curriculars, your significant other, friends, everything. There are only 24 hours in a day, but you have to sleep. So give yourself no more than 12 hours of booked hours in a day. This must include: your work out, your coffee dates, time at the bar, class, etc. The rest of your time should be split as follows: 4 hours for eating and relaxing, and 8 hours for sleeping and netflix-ing. Keeping a diary and a to-do list can help you manage your time better, if that’s something you struggle with.


4) Have a designated chore day

Getting groceries, doing laundry, cleaning the house… these are things that nobody likes to do. The best strategy to get them done? Bite the bullet and get them all done at once. Pick a day that you know you’ve got a little spare time, and give yourself a couple hours to get your chores done. If you can be consistent with this routine, you’ll avoid running out of underwear, having an empty fridge, or feeling dirt on your feet when you walk through the house because you haven’t had time to sweep.

5) Reward yourself

My pro-tip for ensuring you stick to the routine? Give yourself a reward. Sleep in one morning, treat yourself to lunch out with friends, allow yourself to binge on Netflix for a night. Whatever your guilty pleasure, indulge once a week. Keep it reasonable (and within budget, if it involves spending money) but it’ll help you stay on task the rest of the time.




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